About Us

Like many people, we looked around one day and said, "How did we accumulate all this stuff!" Stuff in closets, garage, attic and a storage unit! Packing drawers and on shelves!

We have electronics, small appliances, kitchenware, vintage clothing, antiques, collectibles, housewares, and much more. Some of the stuff is brand new, some used but still in great shape.

Stuff we really don't need. We sure could use some extra money though!

Where most people would have a yard sale, we live in a place where it is nearly impossible to hold a yard sale. We packed up some of the stuff in the truck and headed to the local flea markets on Saturdays. However, it seems the weather is always too cold, too hot or raining! The cost of setting up at the flea market each time was also adding up.

We had a dilemma. How can we sell our stuff?

We turned to our more than 20 years experience in advertising design and marketing and decided to create a website for an online yard sale where we could list our stuff! An online yard sale where anyone in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Sevier County, or anywhere in the USA, could shop and buy stuff!

We are going to operate our online yard sale much like a traditional local yard sale. Customers who live locally can arrange to inspect items, buy in person and cash and carry. Customers can even make an offer. We can bargain.

Where our online yard sale differs from the traditional local yard sale is that in addition to cash we will also offer credit card and PayPal payment options. Customers can buy online and pick up locally. Many items will also be available for shipping.

So, check out our online yard sale deals. Early birds welcome!

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